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Product type: Tantalum Capacitors - SMD Polymers
Capacitance: 330 uF
Voltage rating: 2.5 V
Tolerance: 20%
ESR: 9 mOhms
Shell code - in: 2917
Shell code - mm: 7343
Manufacturer Stock No .: D2E Case
Operating temperature range: - 55 C to + 105 C
Package / Case: 2917 (7343 metric)
Shell length: 7.3 mm
Housing width: 4.3 mm
Loss factor: 10df
Leakage current: 82.5 uA
Package: Reel
Product: Tantalum Organic Polymer Low ESR
Ripple current: 3.9 A
Series: TPE
Factory Quantity: 3000
Termination Type: SMD / SMT
Trade name: POSCAP
Voltage rating: DC 2.5 V
High security:
As the electrolyte does not contain oxygen atoms, short circuit occurs when compared with the use of manganese dioxide electrolyte POSCAP is not easy to burn compared to a higher security.
Low ESR and low impedance
The high conductivity of POSCAP achieves low ESR and low impedance, with an impedance of 1/3 to 1/10 compared to other capacitors of the same capacity.
Excellent temperature characteristics:
The electrical conductivity of the conductive polymer electrolyte used for POSCAP is small, so that the ESR is substantially free from temperature.
Longer life expectancy
Since the electrolyte is cured by the polymer, it has a long life. The thermal stability of the electrolyte does not occur as the electrolytic solution of the electrolytic solution. POSCAP at ambient temperature of 105 ° C and rated voltage, 10000 hours of high temperature load test showed that its ESR and capacity characteristics of the change is very small.
Excellent healing ability:
The organic matter of the conductive polymer material is thermally decomposed and insulated at a low temperature of 300 ° C compared with the manganese dioxide inorganic substance. Therefore, in the precursory phase of the short circuit, that is, the current flows through the positive electrode surface oxidation of the insulating layer of Joule heat, in the oxide layer of small insulation is not sufficient to form a conductive polymer insulation layer, hinder the current through the self-healing repair effect. Excellent self-healing ability to reduce the short-circuit factors, to achieve a high reliability in the over-impact current, impact current guaranteed to 20A.
High heat resistance:
Conductive polymer materials, high heat resistance, can lead to lead-free reflow temperature requirements.
Line design should be noted that POSCAP is a polar capacitor, the reverse voltage will cause leakage current increase or short circuit. In addition, POSCAP even in the specification, the provisions of the conditions for reflow, after welding leakage current may also become larger. The high temperature no load cycle test, which does not apply voltage, also causes the leakage current to increase. Therefore, it is prohibited to prevent the high-impedance line, the coupling line, the timing line, and the leakage current from causing a large influence line, the series circuit exceeding the rated voltage use.
POSCAP although the high security, but because of its failure mode for the short circuit, so in case of short circuit will appear after the heat and smoke, smoke time due to short circuit conditions for several seconds or minutes, the design to make short The protection line works within this time. Suitable for digital cameras, DVD players, personal computers, navigation systems, HDDs, mobile phones, various noise filters carrying terminal machines and collapsible road capacitors. 
Package Included:
10 x  330 uF Tantalum Capacitors 

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